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UK Sewing Services recommends that suitability tests are carried out on all items prior to production

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 Rustless button components
for button covering machinery.

Button sizes: (with medium weight fabric)

C16L = 10mm, C18L = 11mm, C20L = 12.5mm, C22L = 14mm, C24L = 15mm
C28L = 18mm, C30L = 19mm, C32L = 20.5mm, C36L = 23mm, C40L = 25.4mm

(GBP pounds sterling per 1000 components (-10% for 5000+ per button component)

Size Rustless alloy dome button tops Rustless alloy halfball button tops Black or White plastic button backs
C16L(10mm) 19.57 36.90 21.90
C18L(11mm) 19.57 38.41 24.23
C20L(12.5mm) 20.16 47.86 24.23
C22L(14mm) 20.16 47.86 25.11
C24L(15mm) 21.32 51.48 25.11
C28L(18mm) 22.08 n/a 26.61
C30L(19mm) 22.08 n/a 26.61
C32L(20.5mm) 24.33 n/a 26.61
C36L(23mm) 24.94 n/a 27.68
C40L(25.4mm) 27.18 n/a 29.54

Product code=Size+tops/backs+colour+quantity (minimum 1000 components)
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Specialist upholstery button components(price per 1000, packed in 1000's)

Size Wire button backs Plastic Hook button backs
C28L(18mm) 24.14 23.57
C30L(19mm) 24.14 23.57
C36L(23mm) 25.53 31.11

(product code=UPBTNBK+Size+colour+quantity (minimum 1000 components))
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